Bounce Back From Depression: The No Nonsense Guide to Recovery

Bounce Back from Depression offers hope in the harsh reality of depression and shows you a way to recover and grow. It gives information and ‘things to do’ simply yet powerfully in small and ‘doable’ bites.
“No frills, no fluff, just straight to the heart to get you back on track… I thoroughly recommend this book.” Dr Suzanne Henwood

MBIT Coach and Master Trainer, New Zealand,

Inner Leadership 365 – How to Find Your Own Inner Leader

This book helps you develop inner leadership through using quotations to trigger fresh lines of thought on current concerns. It delivers easy yet powerful results by co-operating with your brain’s natural programme to seek out information.  Plus you can use this inspiring book anytime to energise your purpose, passion and power.
“This book is based on sound psychological ideas about how we process information. Using a mix of logical, emotional and sensory intelligence, it encourages us to use ‘whole brain’ thinking for more creative results.” Irene Brankin

Chartered Counselling Psychologist, Essex,