Everyone’s talking about it…


The nation woke up last Friday morning to either shock or joy. The referendum is over, the dye is cast. Yet, watching Any Questions Sunday night you would think we’re still battling it out. Except for two female MPs and a minister of faith, the wrangling, divisiveness and smooth talking continued between panellists and some of the audience.

But what these three said, and meant, was it’s time to heal the divisions in our nation resulting from a less than savoury campaign by both sides. It’s also time for everyone to accept ‘what is’ and collaborate to make this change work.




As much as you and I might want it or not want it, change is generally scary. It means stepping into the unknown and our basic survival instinct isn’t keen on that. Yet, there is no developmental evolution without change. Without change, eventually, there is only stagnation.




So, while a part of me wanted to write about the lunacy that went on and is still going on… Boris Johnson as Prime Minister? We’ll be laughed off the international stage if this bright, amiable but essentially a buffoon without global experience but shown to have snake-oiled lips became the UK Numero Uno. And just don’t let me start on about the Labour Party. Ouch… that scathing part of me just won and it doesn’t care that it did. Not very ancient wise woman of me…


Conciliation and opinion


So, what I need internally and the UK needs externally are more of those conciliatory voices who help us mend, accept what is and encourage us to make the change work… whatever happens. That doesn’t mean you and I can’t express opinion. It does mean you and I need to express it from the heart rather than anger or exasperation.

Hilary Benn modelled that for me in a TV interview about him having no confidence in Jeremy Corbin. He said that Corbin, ‘… is a good and decent man but he’s not a leader.’ Benn’s opinion was spoken from his heart and without rancour. It and the words of the two female MPs and minister of faith stand out starkly against the political cacophony.


It’s time for we women to use words which stand out starkly too…