OK! I’m sick of it. But when a woman’s pushed beyond her red zone there’s only one way to go. EXPRESS! So prepare for a rant…

I remember hearing a couple argue in the street when I was a young woman. Even then, I was struck by their dialogue being similar to playground confrontation. A lot of na-na-nananaaa, ‘my dad’s bigger than your dad’ and ‘I’m not budging until you give me xyz.’

Now I’m hearing the same damn dialogue from politicians of all kinds over the dreaded bloody BREXIT.

Belligerent children in grown-up bodies immaturely posturing! No wonder poor old Queenie had to speak out!

No speaking for me. I want to smash their heads together, cane their bottoms and penalise them for the disaster we’re moving towards… whether it’s May’s deal or no deal.

See how violence begets violence?

Did our politicians and the public not know, after forty odd years’ of marriage, the divorce was likely to be far more complicated than just saying ‘I’m leaving?’

In addition, May’s no Thatcher and Corbyn’s no Blair. Whatever the faults of those two (and there were many) they had gravitas, leadership and statesmanship. These qualities are sadly lacking amongst current politicians.

AND I’m aware they’re just a mirror reflecting back the nature of our current society. I wanted to laugh when May said a ‘people’s vote,’ now we know what BREXIT means, would be divisive. The horse had already bolted after the referendum, Mrs May!

The mirror also reflects back the parts of your own personality that can be belligerent, refuse to see the other’s point of view or compromise. Like warring factions within, you and I can lack gravitas, leadership and statesmanship at times too.

That old ‘when one finger points, three fingers point back at you’ thing!

‘What to do?’ as my neighbour often says.

Look around. The world’s in chaos, not just us. AND, as The Wild Elder, I see this both as a time of revolution and possibility; of creating new and better paradigms by which to live. Just as periods of chaos in your own truth-seeking can lead you to better ways of being and doing.


What I’d give for a mega-dosed intervention by the divine feminine!

I’m working on it, women…

Love to you…

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Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash