Today is the first of eight days celebrating #Chanukah. And, while there are festivals of light in many cultures, the ‘why eight days?’ never ceases to thrill me. So, here’s a quick rundown.

The Holy Temple at Jerusalem had been desecrated by Greek invaders. A tribe of the Israelites, known as the Macabees, were an ancient bunch of freedom fighters who re-captured the Temple.

In synagogues there’s a constantly burning light above the Ark. It’s a sacred symbol of the divine’s unwavering presence and of our undying faith in the divine. But the Maccabees in the Temple found there was only enough oil for twenty-four hours.

Shock and horror!

With no oil shops round the corner and no oil in the war zone, riders were despatched far and wide to get some. Everyone knew it would take days and days to bring some back. In which time the unthinkable would happen. The holy light would be extinguished.

It took eight days in all to find oil and bring it back to the Temple. Yet, with only twenty-four hour’s worth of oil, that good old eternal light kept burning for the entire eight days. As a guru once said, ‘Be realistic. Expect a miracle!’

From pagan times to our current #Christmas, candle flames and now electric illuminations remind you of how darkness (And there’s a whole pile of darkness in our world right now!) can be transformed by the light (awareness, the divine or whatever light means to you).

AND what about you and your light?

My last blog post showed you how to dump Christmas stress. I really hope you do. For stress dims our light big time. As can putting everyone else’s needs before your own… mentioning no names!

Your precious, precious light is what sustains and nourishes you. But if you don’t care for it or top it up with oil on a regular basis, your light is as likely to go out as the Macabees thought the temple light would.

Yeah-yeah they had a miracle; the divine keeping faith with them in an awesome way. While I believe miracles do happen, the divine needs to see there’s been a bit of work on your side!

And if you’re feeling depleted, low in spirit or just worn out, my guess is you haven’t been taking sufficient care of you or your light.

So here’s a way to recognise your ‘light’ and the oil it needs to burn brightly…

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and focus down into your belly. Then, trusting your inner wisdom, let it show you your own inner light. Notice how dim or bright it is, what colour it is and how big its ‘flame’ or candescence. Notice how you feel being with your light.

Still trusting your inner wisdom, let your light show you what it needs to be fully nourished and shine brightly. Take whatever your light shows you even if it seems bizarre. You can sit with what you got afterwards to realise its significance.

Now, in your imagination, see or sense your light being given what it needs… Notice what happens and how you feel.

Finally, thank your inner light for revealing itself to you. And, finally, allow your image to fade knowing your light is always but always there for you whether you know it or not.

Gently open your eyes and come back into the room. Take a moment to record what you’ve experienced and what ‘oil’ your light needs to burn brightly.

Then ride out far and wide, if you have to, to get your particular brand of oil AND give it to yourself!

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To paraphrase Ghandi, be the light you want to see in the world by letting your own shine brightly! <3

Love to you…

Photo by David Monje on Unsplash


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