I’m so excited. Just days to my oh so special event on 6 June and I feel like… Well, do you remember waking up on the morning you were going to the seaside? Or the day you were off on holiday. Or the day you knew you had a treat planned?

Sheer bloody excitement, happiness and ‘I can’t wait for it-ness!’

I remember, as a child, the long drive from East London to Southend. My Grandpa had an ex-police car with, magic of magic, a sliding open roof. And, as we turned right off the A13 into Chalkwell Avenue down to the front I’d have my head out of the roof for the first glimpse of the sea… And roar with bliss when I saw it from the top of the hill.

When’s the last time you roared with bliss or could have roared with bliss? Roared with the deep joy of aliveness and intense pleasure in being?

Are you one of the many women, like me, who lost the experience as you got older? Life and its responsibilities took over and you became too serious, boxed in and trapped.

Yet the crazy marvellous thing is you still get to choose.

Yes, yes… I know you and I were told to put away childish things. They also managed to crush or stamp on our deep joy of being fully ourselves; breathless and in awe of the moment… In the moment.

And when I say ‘You get to choose’ it seems impossibility after the years of being told/feeling you don’t get to choose.

They lied.

At 70 I’m in a whole new round of learning about choice, co-creating my life and the deep joy of fully being myself. Remember the excitement of the sea-side/holiday/special treat child you were and you too will re-connect…

For more about how you get to choose and other wonderful things, come celebrate with me here. Just a few days to go… and a lifetime ahead of you.

You DO get to choose!

Love to you…

PS. If you know one or two women who should be at my event, please forward this to them. And encourage them to book their place with my thanks. They won’t regret it!

Photo by Nik Radzi on Unsplash