When I was a kid advent calendars were made from cardboard. When you lifted each date you were treated to a seasonal scene. Everything from snowman complete with carrot nose to nativity scene on the 25th.

This year, a life-style blogger called Zoella (11.2 million followers on Instagram) has caused a furore with her #adventcalendar. Yes… I’ve never heard of her before either. Anyhow, in conjunction with Boots, she’s created an advent calendar costing £50. No… I haven’t mistyped in a zero. Fifty smackeroos!

I can’t be arsed to repeat the controversy about her calendar. Google ‘Zoella advent calendar’ if you want the nitty gritty. However, it’s alleged this is yet another example of a ‘big name’ exploiting said name and her followers with a big bucks offering which, according to some, doesn’t live up to its billing.

I wonder how many of you have had a similar experience with personal development and business ‘gurus.’ I’ve certainly paid shedloads for training due to the promises of a big name only to find they were peddling the same old stuff again and again and again. And when I say ‘shedloads’ I don’t mean hundreds. I’m talking thousands.


That’s why my #7Step Home Study Programme™ won’t cost you a fortune, is pay as you go and has a money back guarantee. It’s jam packed with exercises, insights and care to take you powerfully through seven steps from what you don’t want in your life to what you desire instead.

And for now, with Christmas and New Year looming, here’s a delicious recap. Some of my knowledge, wisdom and over thirty years’ professional experience for your delight and delectation. This stuff is priceless…

Brace yourself!

What’s special about me then?

Oh alright… Wear a bra that’s too small for you then!

Do your own mental health check… Really?

I’ve fallen flat on my face… more than once!

Help yourself to get over yourself…

Can you wait until your mud settles?

Misogyny and Star Jumps

Zimbabwe, permission and you…

Freedom – Sheep or Unicorn?

It’s nearly Christmas… Run for cover!

What oil keeps your light burning?

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And, whether you’ve paid £50 for an #adventcalendar or not :-), have an enriching Christmas break and a blessed New Year…

Love to you…

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash


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