So much for me talking about having more unicorn in your life. It’s December and definitely a time to give your sheep the ‘guilts’ if you don’t do a sheep-like Christmas. No pressure then…

Whatever your religion or culture, Christmas gives time for a get together with food and family/friends. A feast in the bleak mid-winter. But I can’t stand the false jolliness, silly hats or the goodwill to all men manifested in gross materialism and measured by how much a gift costs… by some!

And the stress, for goddess’s sake. On whom does the bulk of Christmas stress land? Buy presents, wrap and label them. Organise and buy the food and drink. Dress the tree if you have one. Prepare and cook the food playing hostess with the mostest while keeping any pets or children in check… not to mention wayward relatives.

No prizes for guessing who carries most stress? While I know some liberated men get involved, women are still the main players in this particular nativity scene.

And then there’s the stress of family dynamics, irritations and downright vendettas. Covered by the politeness of every day interactions, have a few drams and the lid’s blown off. Seething resentments and ‘wrongs’ have a field day. Or not… but then you can cut the atmosphere with a knife.

Then it’s January and you’ve got a sore head. Your credit card reminds you how much you have to repay for that oh so stressful Christmas. And you wish you’d run for cover instead.


The #7Step Dare to be You Home Study Programme™ is all about moving from what you don’t want in your life to what you desire instead. And that applies to Christmas too. There’s still time to organise in a lot more chill and organise out a whole pile of stress. So…

Close your eyes and imagine your normal Christmas planned for this year. Notice how you feel. No, really. Get into that normal Christmas with your body, feelings, mind and anything else so you notice big time how it feels.

Throw off any tension you feel with major wriggling of your body and limbs, flinging it off with gusto.

Next imagine you wake up on Christmas morning with joy and walk yourself through the day being and doing exactly what you desire in harmony with others. Notice how that feels.

Lastly, work back from Christmas to now, seeing all you did to ensure you created your desired Christmas. Write down all the things you did differently to ensure you and those you love had a not-the-same-old-same-old Christmas. Less stress more joy.

Then do them!

Buy gifts online, wrap with a ribbon or a sticky gold frou-frou-wotsit on top of its original box or carton. Limit the cost of gifts and to whom you give them. Buy all food pre-prepared with roasties and anything else you can from freezer to oven. And choose with whom you want to spend the day even if it’s just with yourself…

In short, chuck out the Christmas stress and bring in the chill-baby-chill. If not to celebrate the essence of Christmas, to celebrate a time of mid-winter celebration itself!

And, if you know one or two women who should be receiving my blog posts, please forward this to them. I value your help and encouragement for them to join you in our delicious Dare to be You women’s community.

Remember… You don’t have to run for cover unless you really want to. You could, instead, create the most delicious Christmas you desire!

Love to you…

Photo by Mira on Unsplash


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