I’m sitting here blank. Not a thought, Christmassy or otherwise, enters my head. It’s a big blank no-fly zone of nothingness. To be honest, it’s wonderful.


No ‘things to do’ or ‘presents to buy’ lists. I know things are piling up but right here and now, I couldn’t give a monkey’s. Things will get done all in their good time. Fretting won’t make them happen.


Clearly, I refuse to get stressed by the frenetic, as if our lives depended on it, Christmas hoo-haa. And so could you… easily. Just remember it’s supposed to be a ‘holy’ day. What does that mean? Something to do with sacred and devout but our meaning for the day isn’t that.


Stuff your face with food and drink. Be jovial, genuinely or as a cover up job for being with people who wind you up. Hit the credit card for all those presents. Blow it all on one day’s celebration for the birth of Christ (and earlier pagan festivals) without a word about what He said or brought to the world.


Am I being curmudgeonly? Perhaps I am. But in our crazy world there’s a dire need to listen to and heed those words… To listen to and heed the words of all our sacred prophets, including those amongst us today.


Wise woman, what words do you want the world to listen to right now?