Sitting here with a blank document on the computer screen and nothing to write in my head. Suddenly, I realise I’m forcing myself to write a blog post because I ‘should.’

Those old ‘shoulds’ that I thought were dead and buried slyly slide back into me with their anti-life gremlin energy. They herald a ‘pull you down time,’ almost Eyore-like but not quite. Just balancing on tippy toes on the edge of the abyss… and refusing to fall down into it!

So, what to do? Get an old-fashioned blunderbuss gun and shoot them down? No use. They have a funny way of popping right back at you. Strangely enough, the way forward is love.

Those gremlins are old redundant parts of you which helped you survive as a child. They were the best you could do to take care of yourself with the resources you had then. So, if you came from a family where there were things you learned you ‘should’ do, they helped you do them.

Instead, have compassion for them. They have no other way of being. In response to a ‘should’, or any other anti-life gremlin’s message, thank them for telling you whatever they’ve told you. Finish the sentence with, ‘And right now (bringing yourself slap bang into the present) I’m making a cup of tea’ or whatever you’re doing in that moment.

What happens is the anti-life gremlin relaxes with a great deflation and, ‘Thank goodness she heard me.’ Remember, they developed to help you survive in the tribe into which you were born. So the task at hand feels crucial for them although it’s not.

And look what’s happened. By being gentle with them I’ve written a post without one single strain or struggle. For more ideas on how to be who you really are, dip into my Resources page right now.