Type of psychotherapy

I’ve trained in many psychotherapeutic and coaching approaches for over 30 years. If you saw me working with three different clients, you would see three different psychotherapists. Why? Because, you are uniquely you and, as one type of psychotherapy doesn’t suit everyone, I’m able to choose ways of working which specifically match you.

Plus, you are always in control. If I suggest a particular way of working or an experiment, you can say ‘no.’ I’ll respect your choice unreservedly. Your control also applies to what issues you focus on. And as your unconscious gives you material with which you can cope, with my help if need be, your defence systems take good care of you.

I was extremely anxious and had lost all my confidence and self esteem. Felt I had no purpose and no idea how to deal with all these feelings. The only misgiving I had was could you really help me and understand what I was feeling and living with, but I was proved oh so wrong!

I now feel more confident, more in charge of my feelings and realise my purpose in life is not just about work. Working with you was a wonderful journey of finding out more about me and how I tick. The approaches you used worked for me and I always got the sense you were psychologically ‘in tune’ with me and me only. Thank you Sharon…


Caroline Bernard

Digital Specialist and Cake Designer Extraordinaire, Essex

You are your own expert

Believe it or not, you are. When you cut yourself your body automatically heals the wound. In the same way, you have an organic push for psychological/emotional healing with which you and I can co-operate. Plus, you have your own inner wisdom to call on for guidance and information you wouldn’t normally tap into.

You’ll give us both clues unconsciously about the optimum factors in any issue to focus on. When you work on what’s at the top of the pile, there’s a knock down effect of improvement for associated issues. That means no having to trawl through your history bit by bit

See why I say you’re your own expert? So, what do you need me for? Good question…

What's Sharon's role as psychotherapist?

Different issues will draw out different aspects of me as your psychotherapist. In the case of finding your meaning and purpose, my expertise, wisdom and psychotherapeutic talents include…

  • A sacred focus which enables an optimal environment for you to find your meaning, your purpose or calling, and your way forward.
  • Dynamic interactions which both challenge and support you to uncover how you sabotage yourself and what to do about it.
  • Intuitive perspicacity to winkle out your own expertise to service and support your meaning and purpose.
  • Honest and loving feedback to enable you to recognise and develop resources to help your mission happen.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, I’m not saying all will be revealed in a flash of light or that it will be a quick ‘labour.’ For some women it is and for some it takes longer. Also, you will need to work some on developing how you operate in the world; to ‘clean up your act’ enough to better recognise your meaning and purpose for a renewed and more fulfilling life.

What does ‘developing how you operate in the world’ mean?

You and I were trained to fit in with the tribe into which we were born. You were then trained to fit into your wider social communities and culture. Some of the beliefs, ideas, attitudes and actual behaviours you learned helped you socially then. But they hold you back in adult life.

For example, if you were taught not to ‘show off’ or that you weren’t very bright or you were led to believe you’re unlovable… Do you not think such issues would get in the way of living a full and enriching life? Let alone get in the way of you being and finding and living your meaning and purpose to revitalise your life.

Whatever your issues, you will be surprised how soon you can recover and develop yourself through my sensitive approach with both ancient and modern techniques. Being in psychotherapy for years and years and years is a waste of your precious life and really not necessary.


You and I can work in person in my consulting room in North East London or via Skype. You’ll have an initial appointment where I ask you lots of questions to set the ground for our work forward. The initial consultation also gives you a chance to check out whether you’re comfortable working with me.

When you and I agree to work together, it will be for six hourly consultations with a review on the sixth. This gives time for you to see the positive changes in your life and is an opportunity for you to choose your way forward. If you and I continue working together, a review every sixth consultation will keep those options going for you.

If you’d like to explore more...

  • Call me on 0208 597 9200. If you get the voicemail please leave your contact details

I value your contact and will get back to you as soon as possible.