Our ethos

Our ethos, ‘the way we do things around here,’ has at core a heart-centred and soul approach. This includes non-violent communication, collaboration and a positive focus on your growth rather than look for what’s ‘wrong’ with you. The Dare to be You approach also encourages you to step into your power as a woman, to focus on the greater good for yourself and others, your communities and the world in which you live. I’m calling this the ancient wise woman’s way. In consequence…

Our website

Our website has no ‘pop-ups.’ Nor has it any in-your-face sign up boxes to seduce you into subscribing to your Morning Inspiration in exchange for a ‘report’ that would cost you £150 if you had to buy it! I trust you to  sign up  without the need for bait or manipulation. Another example of the ancient wise woman’s way.

Your information

Whether given in signing up for my messages or through a class or course or talking with me, your information is kept totally confidential. If what you’ve said or written would be especially helpful to other women, I will ask your permission to use it before I do. And we will never loan or sell your information to a third party. That’s definitely not the ancient wise woman’s way!


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