I feel a bit fallollop. The #7Step programme up and running, seriously blown plaster in my home repaired, damp being treated, dodgy ballcock replaced and superb fitted wardrobes in my bedroom installed. Add that to full-on work/extra-curricular activities and I’m pooped.

At the same time, love the minimalism of my cleared-out-so-the-fitter-had-room-to-work-in-it bedroom. I also recently culled my extensive library to fit several bookcases when my books developed a life of their own falling from stacks and tripping me up.

All in all, the divine’s pointing me to a massive clear out in order to experience the minimalism I now so desire. And, I suspect, having completed the massive projects of #7Step and all the domestic stuff, she’s telling me I need some space… Right now!

Indeed, I nearly made the classic mistake of throwing myself into a new project but caught it just in time. STTTOOOPPPP! All I would have been doing is trying to fill the void, the anti-climax after finishing something, which is perfectly natural.

I call it the ‘What now?’ effect.

The tendency is to get busy again rather than sit with the discomfort of having nothing in particular for which to aim or do. Yet, as the #7Steps programme points out, this is a time for celebration and taking-a-step- back reflection.

Yay, I’ve done it! And, mmm, what have I learned through doing it? What might I improve or do differently next time? And what else have I learned?

It’s also definitely the time for well-earned rest and recuperation!

My busy-busy-back-soon self so wants to dive in again. And reality is I’m recognising the red light warning of going a bit dotty at times aka increasing eccentricity… but not in a good way!

Definitely time to finish this blog post, put my feet up and enjoy a good chill, like, for at least a month… As if! AND I can pepper my days with nourishing energy in instead of all my energy out.

How about you? Are you a busy-busy-back-soon? Do you find it challenging to sit still or with the discomfort of nothing to do after you’ve finished a project? Well, this is how you learn to love it!

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and focus way down into your belly. Then, breathing slowly and deeply, let your own inner wisdom show you the peacefulness of nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Magnificent woman, you oh so deserve that kind of minimalism and space…

Love to you…

PS. Please forward this to one or two women you know who should be receiving my blog posts. And encourage them to join our community here with my thanks.

Photo by Osman Rana on Unsplash


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