What Rainy Gales Can Teach You…


There were gales in the UK on Sunday night. I went to sleep with the glorious sound of wind and rain lashing my windows while I lay snug and warm in bed. It’s the contrasts of life which form everyday miracles for me.


For example, I received one of my own Bounce Back Prompts this morning which said, ‘Winter makes summer so much more wonderful!’ And it does. What if each year had only one season; one long summer, even an English one! Would you and I appreciate its warmth and nature’s flourishing abundance without the coldness and gales of winter? Nope… We’d be moaning about how boring it was in perpetual summer.


You and I need contrasts to stay awake and appreciate what is right now. Yes, even the rainy gales which can be so invigorating despite their downsides. And that includes the rainy gales in life too, however difficult or painful they might be. We get so caught up in trying to avoid the pain or difficulty, you and I usually miss the ‘invigorating’ factor within them. What is this event trying to teach me?


For they always carry an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. For example, grieving for my Mum, I’ve discovered in me a deep capacity for receiving Love. Not that I couldn’t receive Love before… but only so far. My limit was set by early abandonments and betrayals which now, through embracing the pain of grief, no longer hold me prisoner. What a gift!


Other qualities you and I might develop in rainy gales are Resilience, Courage, Wisdom, Perspicacity, Strength, Humility, Generosity, Optimism, Faith, Determination, Safety, Contentment, Boldness, Serenity, Patience and … The list is endless, as is our ability for personal and spiritual growth.


Surely an everyday miracle all of its own…



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