What if your depression isn’t an illness to be cured?


What if it’s part of the human condition which you can tap for the personal growth hiding in its shadows?

Is depression an illness?

Despite claims that depression is caused by a biochemical imbalance in the brain, or abnormal inflammation markers, or genetics, for example, there’s no scientific evidence for any of these ideas. Or that depression is an ‘illness.’ What we know from historical writing is that depression has existed for as long as human beings have been able to record it and, perhaps, before. So…

What if depression is part of the human condition?

What if it’s your soul’s way of telling you something is very wrong in your life and needs attention? What if, by co-operating with depression rather than fighting it, you could find what it’s trying to teach you about who you are and what your next growth step is? Indeed, depression can be a rite of passage towards a more evolved you and a fuller, richer life.


Loss seems a central factor in triggering depression. Not just the loss of a loved one but redundancy, retirement, loss of freedom, loss of identity through a particular role ending, loss of hopes and dreams, of safety or security internally or externally, loss of good health or social status… Any kind of loss you can think of.

Then there's loss of meaning and purpose

Trained to fit in the culture into which you were born, you either conformed or became a black sheep and were ostracised. Mostly, you conformed. In the end, this means you live other people’s lives; what they think best for you rather than what is best for you.

Then, one day, you wake up to life seeming empty and meaningless. You sense something missing but don’t know what. Welcome to the crisis of meaning and purpose; what you’d previously thought important and valuable in life no longer is. As painful as it is, it’s also an opportunity to find more of who you really are, your meaning and purpose. An opportunity to change your mindset and your life for the better.

If that’s something you’d like to consider, find out more on my ‘consultations’ page


The word ‘treatment’ is part of the medical model which favours medication and, sometimes, talking therapies as the way to ‘cure’ depression. In my book, click here to go to Bounce Back from Depression, I outline how modern SSRI antidepressants and some therapies don’t work. My book also shows you how to recover in a more natural and ‘whole person’ way. ps Don’t stop taking your medication suddenly as this could cause a ‘kick-back’ depression.

The ancient wise woman way

Depression is a whole person experience; body, feelings, mind and oomph. So, it makes sense to do therapy that way too. From diet to spirituality, from natural and alternative supplements to reconnecting with your passion, you build a foundation on which to stand for recovery.

Then you can explore the personal growth message hiding in your depression’s shadows. This could be about finding your mission on earth. If that’s something you’d like to consider, find out more on my   ‘consultations’ page

Bounce Back From Depression: The No Nonsense Guide to Recovery

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