If you’ve read my recent posts, you’ll know that I’ve been learning and continue to learn about manifesting what I desire… And showing other women how, by being aligned with their truth, they too can manifest what they desire.

Not that you’re not doing it all the time unconsciously. Worry about your finances? Who’s low on money? Think you’ll never find Mr Right? Who’s still single? Think life’s a struggle? Who’s still struggling?

The Universe isn’t biased. WHATEVER you focus on it will deliver. As the saying goes… be careful what you ask for!


On Saturday I woke to a full-blown urine infection. And, no, I wasn’t focusing on having one! Those of you who know this particular delight need no further explanation.

I didn’t think of phoning 111 and having them make an appointment for me to go to a walk-in centre. Who knew? What I did was book an appointment at my local private hospital’s GP service. I feel blessed to have the resources to do that.

And, to cut long story short, I was prescribed anti-biotics and, as it was the third UTI I’ve had this year, further tests were required. I was advised to refrigerate the urine sample I’d showed up with and go to my NHS medical centre on Monday to put those tests in place.

Yes… I could have had the tests done privately and, no, my purse doesn’t stretch that far.

OH NO! Not my medical centre on a Monday when the hordes of not-been-well-over-the-weekend descend, use up all the emergency appointments, fill the waiting room with viruses and germs… and sometimes worse. Nightmare!

Or did it have to be?

Using my manifestation energies and skills, I put forward the following desires for a smooth and easy process.

I desired to be at the front of the Monday morning medical centre queue. As I needed to explain re private GP’s advice, I desired a receptionist who gets me and would understand perfectly. I don’t think I need to explain that one! Lastly, I desired an early appointment and to sit in a virus and germ-free waiting room.

Mad or what? Here’s what happened…

There’s a great Arabic saying that goes ‘Trust in Allah AND tie up your camel.’ So I did and got there at 7 am for an 8 am opening time. Had I not fiddle-faddled with making sure my car was securely locked, I would have been first in the queue. The guy who walked past me as I was fiddle-faddling secured that position. I was second.

By 8 am there was just three of us in the queue instead of the hordes and no-one was virusy or germy. I got the receptionist I desired and a 9 am appointment. The waiting room was virtually empty and the only suspected case of virus or germs, sniff-sniff-cough-cough, was sitting way, way over the other side of the large waiting area.

Saw GP, mission accomplished and then I was outta there.

Oh, I forgot to mention. The receptionist and the GP both remarked how very unusually quiet it was for a Monday morning. Was I surprised? No… I had invoked a very special and beneficent manifestation provider, whom I adore, and knew it would be a done deal.

Those of you who’ve experienced your own GP’s surgery or medical centre first thing on a Monday morning will know my experience was exceptional. A coincidence? Really? A freak event? Really?

This is not jiggery-pokery. You’re doing it all the time unconsciously but, remember, when you’re aligned with your truth, you too can learn to consciously manifest what you desire.

If you desire to align with your truth, there’s evolutionary work to be done. It’s not for the faint-hearted or a starter-but-not-a-finisher. It’s for those women who are ready to say ‘Feck it… I’m in!’

Love to you…

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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash