As much as I have tried to avoid ‘the Donald,’ comment I must. His immature rants have reached a new peak. His latest refers to judges not upholding his presidential edict which barred USA entry to people from seven Muslim countries even if they had a visa. I quote, ‘Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. If something happens blame him and court system.’ Nothing to do with me, guvnor!


Of course not, Donald. Your clumsy, ill conceived and unstatesmanlike actions and words must be like manna from heaven to so called Islamic State. You couldn’t have provided better ‘exclusion’ propaganda to persuade impressionable young people to the terrorists’ cause. On what planet do you live?


There’s a man who places authority in transactional relationships and his billionaire status. There’s a man who’s not been able to go beyond his bombastic, egotistical and narcissistic personality to whom he really is. There’s a man who’s never looked deeply into his own eyes and seen his soul weeping. There’s a man with no place for the divine.


I have no idea how he being the Commander in Chief will pan out. What I sense is the divine feminine is in mourning because of it. This is the prelude to her wreaking her wrath for all the disrespect shown to her. And I have no idea how that will pan out either.


What I do know is, when I point a finger at the other, three of my fingers point back to me. So it’s my job to weed out my own bombastic, egotistical and narcissistic energies. To evolve, to express and stand firm in the values to which I aspire; being a loving, wise and compassionate being.


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