I started writing this post waxing lyrical about Easter and the metaphor of death and resurrection. Death and new life. Death and new beginnings. I made myself want to puke with the hyperbole and dumped the post. 

Christianity and various other religions have been banging on about the concept forever. Yet humanity is very slow at catching on. The bottom line is, to evolve as a human and spiritual being, you have to die to your old self to give birth to the new.

Sounds dramatic? Not at all if you go about it one step at a time. Start with the small stuff to exercise your ‘I can change for the better’ muscles. Start with the big stuff if your ‘I can change for the better’ self wants to jump off a cliff. Your choice.

But, whatever you do, just bloody go for it. 

Your spirit can’t soar hampered by limiting beliefs… I’m not confident, talented, loveable, good enough, bright enough… or limiting relationships, situations, jobs, careers. Or self-imposed notions of what’s right or wrong or what other people might think.

And then you’re physically dead… and it’s too late! 

If there’s an issue in your life you want to change for the better and don’t know how, I’ll show you how. 20th April ‘The 7 Step Dare to be You Home Study Programme™.’ Seven comprehensive and very doable workbooks take you from what you don’t want to what you desire instead. The first two workbooks are released on the 20th.

Until now only my psychotherapy clients have been privy to this powerful system. A system that, step by step, helps you move out of the old into a revitalised you and life. Now it’s your chance!

By the way, when you’re enjoying your chocolate egg this Easter, an egg symbolises new life in many cultures. And the chocolate? It symbolises the sweetness of what you desire instead of the dull taste of what you no longer want.

Diary date the 20th to visit my website and find out more…