Just so you know, I’ve been where you are now. With almost fifty years’ worth of grabbing my own divine feminine cojones…and sometimes not… I’ve been to more emotional/psychological places than I’ve had sushi.

And, whenever we’re growing, doing something new or different, the most familiar place you get to go is fear.

When I was younger fear would grab me in my belly. There’d be anxiety, palpitations and the retching up of unknown bogey-man futures. Now fear descends more like a wall of fog. It comes down and disables me from connecting with myself and my knowing. I feel nothing, blocked and numb.

Except frustration and the exasperating it’s-on-the-tip-of-my-tongue experience of what’s trying to grow in and out of me. So I’ve learned to sit patiently and acknowledge my fear for trying to keep me safe from who knows what even though it also keeps me smaller than I am!

And then?

Then the fog lifts as quickly as it came. In its place insight, awareness and sometimes tears as what wants to emerge from me makes itself known. And you know what? It’s always like the shedding of a skin that’s become too tight for me. For what you and I fear above all is being as big and as awesome and as magnificent as you and I really are.

The family messages endure over time. Keep a low profile. You can’t be as clever as your sister/brother/mother/father etc. You mustn’t rock the family boat dynamics. Stay the same as us. Or whatever your particular family messages were… and are!

I’ve written before about your primitive reptilian brain. Like a meerkat, it’s always on high alert for danger. Meant to protect your physical being in primeval times, anything but anything that could be a threat triggers a fear reaction.

And a major survival fear is about your magnificence and showing up as different from the herd. That would have meant you are easy pickings for predators through standing out from the rest.

O M G… Be your own person and you get eaten by a tiger? I don’t think so!

Indeed, being the same as the herd doesn’t suit you if you can feel the energy of your divine feminine cojones. At the same time, your soul blueprint encourages, urges and pushes you to be more of who you really are than who you were trained to be.

Freaking E V O L U T I O N !

So, if you feel that fear, woman, welcome it in. It’s only a reaction to your soul stretching you towards your magnificence. A human being here on earth truly designed to be of service to yourself, to others and for the greater good.

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You and your evolutionary journey are so worth it!

Love to you…

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Photo by Aurélien – Designatic on Unsplash