Where to begin? I am so excited by this next level of manifesting myself. Can you imagine no doubting, no censoring, not even the itchiest-bittiest worry about what others think of me?

Full frontal freedom and I’m loving it.

I did a 3 minute Facebook Live video today just as I was. No make-up to talk of, done on the spur of the moment and, though I had a vague idea where I was going, no script or direction notes.

Years ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of creating a video without full make-up, appropriate clothing and a well-crafted script. Oh yes… and loads and loads of practice to get word perfect.

What a waste of energy, time… and my life. But, hey, it was the best I could do with the resources I had at the time. And I so appreciate everything I did then in spite of me feeling not-good-enough and, at times, even a fraud.

Yes… me too!

When I get a client who asks me how long it will take before they’re cured, I reply, ‘Have you got three thousand years?’ It makes them laugh and pricks the medical model balloon.

The work’s not focused on ‘curing’ but on evolutionary becoming. It’s about accessing your truth, embodying it and then manifesting it in the world for your own and the greater good. For sure some healing takes place along the way. How could it not?


In my FB live video, I mentioned sharing with you gems from my experience, expertise and wisdom. So, keep an eye on my FB profile for details as I sort them out…

And back to you!

If I can be in this place of freedom so can you. NO! Absolutely no reasons why you can’t be. They are just the lies you were told to keep you down and manageable; the lies that you now keep telling yourself.

What you don’t yet know is you were born totally worthy and CAN have what you desire. Radical thought? It’s not… It’s only when you take on board what great stuff you really are that magic happens. Like feeling freedom!

Want to know more?

Watch out for my blog posts, FB posts and now, coming soon, my FB lives…

Love to you…

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Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash