I’m not a sports’ fan. Being an over-weight and self conscious girl, I missed PE at school on a regular basis. And, while I’ve made forays into gyms, belly dancing and walking machines, nothing’s stuck with me.


However, this Olympics has. The dedication and humility of Team GB’s winners has touched my heart. Hard work, pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones, making sacrifices and staying true to their vision has resonated with my soul.


This is not just about going for gold. This is about the deep-down desire to be the most you can be. The desire to manifest your potential; who you really are hiding beneath who you were trained to be. The desire to be an Olympian; resembling characteristics of the gods.


That spark of the divine is alive in each of us. It’s waiting to be manifested in any way you choose; through sports, mothering, your career, baking, tap dancing, writing, public speaking, train spotting, etc. etc. It’s about going for gold whatever you choose to be or do underpinned by your deep-down desire to be your most human-spiritual self.


Women… we have much to do in the world!