You know how it is to slip on a banana skin and fall flat on your face, metaphorically at least. Well, as human beings, you and I will have done that more than once. But it’s the aftermath when you feel so awful where you need to get over yourself.

GET OVER YOURSELF is a different quality. It’s what I think and feel when I stumble across social-media-videos-and-FB-live-broadcasts which are poor quality visuals with mind-numbing content produced by self-publicists with poor delivery. Rant over!

That’s another post, another time and, as the man said, deal with first things first. For, when we come a cropper, parts of our personality become so bruised and sometimes shaken.

There’s the identity thing… The person I believed myself to be wouldn’t have had this happen to her. So, I’m not the woman I thought I was!

Then there’s the shame thing which is central to the whole falling flat on your face experience. The event taps into a history of experiencing shame, being embarrassed, being told explicitly or implicitly you’re not good enough… ya-di-ya-di-ya! Allied to this is the humiliation and looking foolish thing.

The loss of face thing, allied to the shame thing, could be cultural. Or if you perceive yourself as having achieved some kind of social standing; as a well-known psychotherapist for example. That’s why you’ll never catch me on a TV dating programme… heavens forbid!

As horribly cringing as these states feel, the way forward is to embrace them. Oh, that’s me feeling the ‘shitty shame bucket.’ And to exaggerate what you’re feeling. Sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it, when the very last thing on earth you want to do is embrace how you feel? Earth, swallow me up please!

Paradoxically, embracing how you feel is the most creative and healing thing to do. Be full frontal with your feelings. You’ll find, once you exaggerate and even ham them up to the maximum then, as if by a miracle, your feelings subside. Next time you feel them, repeat, and in a short while they’ll totally dissipate.


As for some people on social media who do FB live or similar or post mind-numbing videos, prepare for a judgemental rant. Yup, I own it!

You often get poor quality visuals with mundane content produced by self-publicists and/or those with poor presentation skills… even if they perceive themselves to have some kind of social standing.

Oh-Oh! I wrote about social standing in my earlier ‘loss of face’ paragraph. Makes me think what’s the connection between helping yourself get over yourself after falling flat on your face and GET OVER YOURSELF on social media?

Gulp… I get it!

I’m planning to create a series of promotional videos and teaching videos for my #7Step Dare to be You Home Study Programme. But have I started videoing? Have I heck! Fears of falling flat on my face and being like those social media people I’m judgemental about are holding me back.

Phew! So easy to forget when you’re pointing a finger at someone else, three of your fingers point back at you. And, when you get the connection, as I just did, there’s a blessed feeling of relief. Now I know what’s going on I can do something about it.

The #7Step programme helps you move from something you don’t want in your life to something you desire instead. So, no prizes for guessing who’ll be working with the programme over the next few weeks.

For starters… Step 1 Workbook, ‘Daringly Distil Value from the Past to Boost Your Future,’ and Step 2, ‘Specifically Clarify and Design What You Desire.’

When it comes to helping yourself get over yourself, have you any old shame that lingers from a past fall-on-face? If so, follow my process, put simply below…

Acknowledge your ‘shitty shame bucket’ feelings.

Exaggerate and ham them up until you’re fit to burst or fall about laughing.

Repeat as necessary and be delighted by the end result.

This post is just one of my #7Step series. You can find earlier posts at the top of the side bar. Even better, by joining our community, you get my blog posts straight to your inbox and a brief, early Morning Inspiration; your special message for the day. Join us here.

And, remember, you can always but always help yourself get over yourself…


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