If you’re weary of the run up to this election and its shenanigans, spicing it up could be the answer. Here’s the idea…


Imagine you’re the divine feminine surveying the political scene and the ‘actors’ or ‘players’ involved in it.


Game 1: Pick one actor and ask the divine feminine in what ways could that person be improved. See them evolving before your eyes just as they need to!


Game 2: Ignore the fact that some of these actors are already married or have partners. Who would you pair with whom… and why? See them relating with one another just as they need to!


My mischievousness is running riot.


For the first time in over four decades of voting, I don’t want to vote for any of the political parties. So, I’m going to vote for my current constituency MP instead. He is excellent at his job and walks his social conscience talk. Where better to cast a divine vote?


Please make sure you cast yours…