One day a year to celebrate women and their achievement is better than nothing. But please… one day to focus on all women achieve and contribute is totally insufficient. And what about time to focus on what women could contribute given the freedom to do so.


I make no bones about it. When you look at the state of the world it’s the result of distorted masculine energy. Too much testosterone and inappropriate use of Will as in power games. And, as for relationship building, it’s strategic and sometimes, divisive.


Now, I’m not into let’s all honour the goddess in ourselves and do some circle dancing. What I’m into is women growing themselves, personally and spiritually, so as to be a force for good in their own circle of influence whether that’s their family and friends or international politics. And I do mean women growing themselves, not women becoming pseudo-males in order to fit a prevailing organisational or political culture.


What would that look like? As every woman is unique I can’t promise you a standardised outcome or that your growth occurs flash bang in a discrete time frame. What I can promise you is in that journey you and I can connect with the energy of Sophia, traditionally understood as Wisdom and sometimes described as the feminine aspect of God. When she is respected all is good. When she is disrespected, chaos and destruction prevail.


I rest my case!


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