I’ve had some time out… So now it’s catch up starting with ‘My Psychotherapy Secrets and Other Wonderful Things’ on 6th June. An evening made magic by the gorgeous women who attended who, as predicted in Going Naked!, danced with me to co-create a warm, intimate and unforgettable event.

Check out my FB profile 7th June for some photos and comments. Here’s to those awesome women!

Then more awesome women through attending ‘The Unfinished Woman’ retreat in Kefalonia run by the one and only Detta Darnell and her co-leader Sue Fitzmaurice. Her ‘retreat’ page gives an outline of the week. You can also see more on my profile on 21 June; a brilliant brief movie that gives you a real taste of the retreat.

Detta’s planning for her 2019 retreat as I type right now. Only saying…

A very delicious outcome for me was re-discovering and loving my visual artist. So much so that I’m exploring art classes for the autumn. Deep joy!

Another very delicious outcome was connecting with like minded like hearted and like souled women from all over the world. Here’s to those awesome women too!

And here’s to me becoming even more aware of how I ‘pick up’ energies and information non-logically through my physical sensations.

And, finally, the sheer delight of truly pleasing myself; saying no or yes to things independent of what others in the group were doing… And changing my mind playfully on occasion.

And now?

Back to every-day life still processing my experiences and welcoming what emerges in my learning and evolution. What I’ve already reaped is an understanding of myself as a Wise Wild Elder… more of that in the future.

And all the richness I’ve reaped through my experiences which I’m now able to offer my clients… and you!

More of that in the future too…

Love to you…

PS. If you know one or two women who should be receiving my blog posts, please forward this to them with my thanks. I’d love it if you also encourage them to sign up for my ‘stuff.’

Photo by The Blue Door Retreat House