I believe what you are at essence is a loving, compassionate and wise being with a mission on earth for the greater good. How did you react or respond to what I’ve written? Disbelief? Dismissal? Embarrassment? Who me? Acceptance? Rejoicing?


What if that was true about you, as I believe it is? What would that mean for how you behave in the world and with others? How might your life be positively changed by knowing your essential nature, the quality of your being? How would your life be positively changed by knowing where you’re going and what you’re meant to be doing?


OK… enough with the questions!


Contrary to what some say, it’s not hard to find your mission on earth. The problem comes when you try to think it and force it into existence. Your soul is shy and this full frontal attack has it retreating speedily from co-operating with you. Just as you might react or respond if someone tried to coerce you into something.


There’s an ancient Zen saying, ‘Can you sit and let the muddy waters clear themselves?’ With patience, faith and quietly listening to your own inner wisdom, you’ll receive all you need to know about your mission on earth. How you then manifest it is the magic ingredient which makes your mission oh so unique to you.


I’ve been called to do even more with my mission than I thought. It feels raw and precious as it bubbles away in me. So, as I’m sitting now with my own muddy waters, I hope to show you more in the New Year. In the meantime, please let other women know about signing up for my Morning Inspirations so they can join our community.


The world needs the energy of we women to embolden our missions and work for the greater good however we do that. There are no big missions or small missions. Every woman’s mission is her sacred contribution to improve life on earth for their own and the greater good.


Your mission on earth is your personal and sacred contribution to improve life on earth for your own and the greater good.


Join me…