You know how it is. You think you’ve got yourself and your life sussed. Then something comes along to let you know you haven’t. In my case, that prompt is usually something going on inside of me.

So, for months early this year, I knew I wasn’t living to my potential. For potential read what my soul is urging me to manifest at any particular time in my life. How did I know? For me it’s always a kind of unsettled feeling in my body, like there’s something I need to know but it’s only got as far as the tip of my tongue.

I sat with it for a couple of months to no use. I knew I needed some help but was very clear I didn’t want coaching or therapy. Been there, seen that, got the postcard. Then, out of the blue, I saw a marketing post written in a gutsy, up for it tone which addressed my need 100%. Hallelujah!

Imagine my disappointment when the woman concerned didn’t live up to gutsy-up-for-it-ness in person and charged $10,000 each month for a six month programme! However, the Universe knew exactly what it was doing because that woman referred me to the Alchemist-Mentor with whom I’m working now.

And the block? My 30 years plus personal growth work had cleared the way but hadn’t touched the sides of deep-down-deeply-entrenched-not-good-enough-shit generated by the ‘specialness’ of my younger sister.

If I could have sicked this stuff up it would have been like hot sticky tar mixed with the mucous of a chest infection. Yes… It was that bloody revolting. But, thank heavens, I didn’t have to vomit… physically or metaphorically.

What I was helped to do was expose the ‘fiction’ or lies underpinning the false belief that kept me blocked and smaller than I was being called to be. Wasn’t as unemotional as I’m telling it… Frustration, anger, sorrow, relief and tears of joy for starters.

Especially tears of relief and joy when I zapped the lies into oblivion. Then the whole rotten edifice of the false belief came tumbling down. Done and dusted with a new creative belief about my more than enough-ness!

That’s how I’ve moved into a whole other level of experience of myself and my life. A veritable personal and spiritual continental shelf shift.

And that’s how I’ve fully embraced all of who I’ve been and done and at 70 fully recognised and embraced the Wild Elder that is me. All my considerable being, knowledge and wisdom accessible to women who don’t want to die with a wasted life…

Love to you…

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Photo by Natalia Y on Unsplash