With permission…

I greet my soul client with an open heart. Today is our one-day break-through and I am excited and in awe of her gutsiness and courage. I smile as I ‘hear’ her commitment to expand who she is.

I thrill at her desire to find her truth. And, whatever that is, to build it into her life as something precious and real. To live life aligned with her truth instead of what she was told was her truth.

We begin the day. I trust her inner being, the wisdom of her truth, to guide us in our work. AND my own Wild Elder, using abilities and senses for which I have no name and all those developed in my profession.

We tune into her organic healing process and I into the courage of my own intuition.

It’s not long before how she became separated from her truth bubbles to the surface. There are tears of grief for the separation and relief that re-connection can begin.

I hear my voice re-assuring her that her inner being is giving us clues; showing us the wounds to be mended. She’s eager for this ancient and limiting stuff to be gone. Yet when she learns her wounded part’s positive intention was to protect her, she cries with compassion and appreciation.

For its behaviour was the very best she could do to survive as a child with her then limited resources. Yes… She had to close down her heart to protect it. And, in this generation, she’s found me to help her reclaim and open to her heart and the healing energy of Love; her birthright!

As we work to mend what she can mend, her potential begins to burst free from the scabs of these wounds. More of who she really is rather than who she was trained to be.

By the end of the day she is tired, teary and glowing with the knowing of her truth and the work she’s done.

It’s one thing to discover and know your truth. It’s another to live it and ground it in your everyday reality. Her work, this work, lies before us!

As we end our work for today, there is nothing else to do but celebrate my soul client and the work she’s done.

So we do!

Love to you…

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Photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha on Unsplash.