You know how it is when you’ve created something very special and, when it’s ready for ‘the reveal,’ you get nervous, very nervous or ragingly nervous. Well, that’s me right now.

So, as mentioned in my last post, Shit scared!, I’m thanking my reptilian brain and telling it to bog off. Not the most therapeutic approach but sometimes you just have to talk to it like a recalcitrant child!

The launch of my 7 Step Dare to be You Home Study Programme™ is approaching fast so I’ve explored how to market it. For, whatever your ‘something very special’ is, if you don’t tell people about it it’s not going to do anyone any good.

A piece of art or poem can bring pleasure, insight, even awe. A piece of furniture can bring aesthetic pleasure and delight in its use. Your unique recipe for anything can bring sensory pleasure, benefit people’s lives and create part of your legacy.

But if you don’t toot your own horn there’s no way it can get out there!

Trouble is we Brits are often reticent about tooting our own horns. We often see that as a very American thing… in its worst manifestation Le Trumpo… and turn up our nose at it. Especially women.

Research shows time and time again that women under-estimate themselves while men tend to over-rate themselves. That some women allow men to steal their ideas and claim them as their own. That some women get intimidated by the louder voices of men in meetings and shut themselves down.

Not this woman! I purposely taught myself to speak with a lower timbre and more slowly to get the attention I know I deserve.

And… back to marketing. Here are some things highly recommended to get your ‘something very special’ noticed and distributed…

Offer a freebie only available for, e.g., 24 hours, to encourage people to buy NOW NOW NOW.

Use lots of hyperbole to make it look worth far more than it is. Remember The £50 Advent Calendar?

Give the whole programme a very inflated price slashed right down to what looks like an amazing bargain.

Recognise any of those techniques from other people’s marketing campaigns? And-oh-oh… I forgot the marathon email that goes on and on and on and almost brow-beats you into buying.


For me, that’s all manipulation and insults my integrity as I’m sure it insults yours. I absolutely trust you to recognise a good thing when you see it. And to know whether it’s right for you or not. I even have a ‘contact me’ section at the bottom of each ‘sales’ page so you can ask me absolutely any question to check the programme out.

Plus the #7Step Dare to be You Home Study Programme™ has a money back guarantee. As long as you’ve diligently completed each step’s workbook as instructed, if you think they haven’t worked for you, you get a full refund. I’m that confident the programme will work for you!

Developed from my over 30 years’ training, experience, wisdom and downright professional magic, the programme’s designed to co-operate with the way you’re wired up. A no-brainer for success!

ENOUGH! I’m talking to me this time. I’m so passionate about helping women learn how to move from what they don’t want in life to what they desire instead. I’ve seen the transformations happen so often in my consulting room and I want as many women as possible to be able to access what’s helped my private clients succeed.

ENOUGH! Once you get me talking about my passion, it’s very hard to get me to stop. You are so precious and entitled to learn how to create your life instead of being directed by it.

ENOUGH! For the third time, Sharon. Otherwise, I might turn into one of the marketers I just don’t want to be.

So what’s the best way to toot your own horn?

Show up, stand in your own ground, and present to the world the magnificent woman you really are and how much value you have to offer. YES YOU CAN!

If you know one or two women who should be receiving my posts and inspirational information, please forward this to them with my thanks. Encourage them to sign up and join our delicious Dare to be You women’s community. There’s simply nothing like women supporting women.

Remember… You don’t have to be like the marketers who use tricks and pretend to be what they’re not to toot their own horns. By being who you are, instead of who you were trained to be, your horn gets tooted by your integrity, heart and soul.

That’s my kind of marketing!


Photo by Katy Belcher on Unsplash


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