Recently I saw someone else’s heart cracked open and… I re-membered. I re-membered with the knowing that when your heart’s cracked open you’re closer to the divine. That what comes out of your mouth is what used to be called ‘doing god’s work.’ And it is and still is!


In those moments you go beyond beyond… personally, inter-personally and intra-personally. Truths of humanity form on your lips and there is nothing you can do but to speak them. To put them out in the world for ears receptive to them and ears that are not but might be one day.


Nothing woo-woo about this. In the Kabbalah esoteric teachings, it says somewhere that the woman will bring the man to spiritual realisation. I say, not only the man but other women and people of all genders. The world sorely needs what we women can bring right now.


How blessed to have your heart cracked open…