Calling all women!


Testosterone, distorted masculine energy and big dollops of ego have ballsed up our world.


How could George Osborne not know the effect of proposed cuts on disabled people who want to live independently? How could Trump not know the effects of his permission giving to thump people who don’t think the same as his supporters? How could religious fanatics of all kinds not know the effects of their repression, particularly of women and children? Easy… These men are so pumped up with themselves they’ve lost connection with humanity without and within.


We were born for love, to be inter-dependant, to co-operate and support one another from true hearts and souls. Not from weakness but from great strengths.


I believe it’s time for Sophia to rise in the world; holy wisdom and the feminine aspect of the divine. It’s time for the principles of humanity; the qualities of being humane, benevolence, compassion, love, kindness, consideration, empathy, tolerance, mercy, tenderness, generosity and magnanimity.


In personal development groups of many kinds most members are women. Why? Seems we’re more open than men to cleaning up our act, learning how to use power wisely and taking action to create humanity in ourselves and others.


When I was training to be a psychotherapist, over 30 years ago, I found my purpose. It was indeed ‘the birthing of humanity for the birthing of humanity.’ That means me working therapeutically with myself; to become as fully humane as I can in order to help others do the same.


And here’s my rallying cry to women…


All of us can change the world through developing ourselves and being active for the higher good however big or small our circle of influence. It takes millions of granules to make a sandy beach. We women are the granules for this particular and glorious beach of redemption.


I’m developing self-help and led programmes which help all women grow to benefit herself, her loved ones, community and the world. It’s early days and my ideas are incubating. Keep a watchful eye on my news.  And, if you feel moved to do so, please forward this blog post to one or two women you know with my warmest thanks.