I’m peed off by the term ‘mental health issue.’ Our wellbeing, or not, is a whole-body-feelings-mind-ooomph-dynamic and not just ‘mental.’ Ask anyone who’s had stress or anxiety. As for depression… don’t get me started.

Sadly, a ‘whole-body-feelings-mind-ooomph-dynamic’ is a bit of a mouthful. It’s also unlikely to be adopted by psychiatry which is convinced these things are caused by bio-chemical-organic matters in the brain. Another issue not to get me started on!


Truth is we ALL experience positive or not ‘mental health issues’ every day. Think about how often you feel totally happy and at ease with yourself, your relationships, your life and the world. Maybe not as often as you’d like?

That’s because life has so many stressors. Time pressures, relational responsibilities, rush hours, expectations of others, property maintenance ya-di-ya-di-ya! For those of you shouting, ‘What about meditation, mindfulness and an attitude of ‘it is what it is’ to relieve stress?’… YES! And that’s another conversation.

This one is about recognising that YOU, like all human beings, have ‘mental health issues.’ Yours might be far less intense than those you see in documentaries, like OCD or schizophrenia. But yours, as much as you might not like to think of them that way, are still ‘mental health issues.’

What about financial difficulties, moving home, relationship breakdown, bereavement, being unhappy at work, lack of confidence or self-esteem, negative self-image, loss of any kind? Phew! There are shed loads of things to do with being alive that can upset your ‘mental health.’

Good news? You CAN learn how to change a lot of things which negatively impact your wellbeing.

Question one. Take the first answer you get, however unexpected.

What issue or situation do you no longer want in your life?

High five if you came up with something that’s been lurking but you’ve been avoiding like the plague. And a yeee-haaa if you came up with something surprising, even a bit shocking. Your life’s too precious to play around the edges, woman.

Yes… I know it’s scary for you to think about change, let alone taking action to make it happen. Welcome to the human race! That’s why my #7Step Dare to be You Home Study Programme skilfully guides you to nuke your fears of the unknown and taking action.

Question two.

Think of the issue or situation you no longer want in your life. Now ask yourself, ‘What do I desire instead?’ Take whatever you get however impossible or bizarre your logical mind judges it to be. What does your mind know about matters of the heart and soul?

Congratulations! You’ve identified something which negatively affects your ‘mental health’ and something which would positively enhance it in the future.

If you didn’t get what you desire, chill. Your inner wisdom will give you the answer in due course, often in an unlikely setting like when you’re on the toilet. I kid you not!

Here’s the thing…

My #7Step programme will show you how to move elegantly from what you don’t want in your life to successfully achieve what you desire instead. Over thirty years of my professional expertise and wisdom underpin your success. So confident am I that you will achieve what you desire, the programme even comes with a money back guarantee.

In the meantime, write what you desire on lots of post-it notes.

Stick them around your home where you can repeatedly see them. If you need to keep your desire private, stick them for your eyes only. By constantly being reminded, the flame of what you desire is kept passionately alight.


At every decision point ask what choice will take you nearer to what you desire and what choice will take you further away. Then, unless you’re a sado-masochist, you’ll know exactly what choice to make. Won’t you, woman?

Who knew that identifying what you don’t want in your life and what you desire instead is your very own ‘mental health’ check?

And it is… Really!

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash