I’ve been hibernating due to the mini-burnout I wrote about last week. My first foray back into the world was a small local political meeting. And were my eyes opened big time!

A decade ago I was very active politically. Way back then local ‘ward’ meetings were collaborative; working for the best interests of local residents and the ‘party.’ So, to walk into a hornet’s nest of misogyny in 2017 was a big surprise.

Overt patronising, dismissal and undermining was just for starters. You name it, it was there and directed solely at the few women attending.

One woman was so irate at being put down, she shouted and was reprimanded by the male chair who had previously been shouting loudly at her. My mouth dropped open. Then, when I was about to make a comment, he told me not to shout when I hadn’t been. Red rag… bull… bull… red rag, or what?

I was able to start my comment calmly and with authority to challenge his instruction for me not to shout. There was nothing he could say. When you confront the bully, there never is.

I could be calm and act with authority for two reasons. Firstly, I’ve learned to self-manage in all kinds of ways. And secondly, he was no match for me as a woman standing in my power. Nor will he be or will be the other similar men present. For I shall certainly be returning. Did you get a hint of menace in my last sentence?

Be the kind of woman that, when your feet hit the bedroom floor in the morning, the devil says, ‘OH CRAP… She’s up!’

That’s what I desire for all women. That we collectively stand in our power, speak our truth and create positive change in our world, however big or small that change.

That we bring the divine feminine into everything we say and do, beginning with our own families. We women can teach a different way of relating with all genders and all peoples; respectful, collaborative and soulful.

You can achieve that by first developing a respectful, collaborative and soulful relationship with your self. That’s why I created #daretobeyou and the #7steps programme.

OK… I know the programme is about identifying an issue you no longer want in your life and creating what you desire instead. No problem in my book for you to focus egocentrically on yourself for a change. PLUS, through the programme, you’ll learn lots of stuff to help you develop the magnificent woman you are in an all-round way.

My current bête noire is some misogynistic men at a certain monthly meeting. I hope to model for the other women how to self-manage, empower themselves and neutralise their attackers. What’s your challenge right now? The same as mine or something different?

Whatever your challenge, here’s a simple way to connect with your stand-in-my-own-power energy. Jump up quickly and forcefully. Land feet well apart, back straight, head high with arms apart high in the air. If you think of an X, you’ll get it. Love the name of this move which is ‘star jump’ because you are!

Once you land, notice how differently you feel. Then, trusting your inner wisdom, let it show or tell you the action you need to take with regard to your challenge. Break that down into baby steps if it needs to be done.

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AND… star jump, star jump, star jump!

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash


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