That was what I thought when I woke up today feeling somewhat abandoned. I was going to write about the passing of Muhammad Ali and Victoria Wood, each a ground-breaker in their own field. And then I found my chest with some kind of implosion going on; a desire to break it open and let my passion roar,


‘Where’s your heroine?’


A heroine’s a woman of distinguished courage or ability, admired for her brave deeds and noble qualities. Leave out the ‘admired’ for a minute… I’ll come back to that. Instead, trusting your own inner wisdom let it remind you of courageous-able-noble you and the times she’s showed up in your life, however briefly.


Memories of your heroine illustrate your courage, your ability, your brave deeds and your noble qualities. That she might not have been ‘admired’ by others is irrelevant, especially in a culture more prone to criticise than praise.


Do you ‘admire’ your heroine then or now, that is, regard yourself with wonder, pleasure or approval? Or did you and do you now minimise and ignore your own magnificence?  Did you and do you now project your heroine onto someone else, usually famous, instead of recognising and owning she is you?


Enough, already!


Check it out by listing the qualities you see in two of your heroes and heroines, famous or not. For example with mine, in Ali I see integrity, courage, strength, the ability to make a stand and self-belief. Like he said, ‘It’s not bragging if you can back it up!’ And in Wood, I see humour, mischievousness, creativity, a bright, quick mind and warmth. Now, guess who else has those qualities?


Just as the qualities you see in your heroes and heroines belong to your personal ‘heroine,’ even if you protest they don’t and she doesn’t exist. As a wise old Rabbinical saying goes, ‘When you point a finger at someone else, three of your fingers point back at you.’ Your heroes and heroines never go away or abandon you… as long as you choose to recognise them within.


The world needs you…


AND your heroine to blaze a trail. A trail about how you and I could live for the greater good of ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and the earth. Please don’t go away…