A stonking New Year to you!

A year in which to reclaim more of your stonking self, i.e., your beautiful, bodacious and impressive self. And did you know your divine inner wisdom is pivotal to doing that?

OK, OK, so what does divine inner wisdom mean?

It’s my lodestar, my true north and my trustworthy life guide with a profound ‘knowing’ about me and my path in life. It never gets tricked by the erratic thoughts and whims of my logical mind and stays true to my wellbeing always.

For some women, the first encounter with their divine inner wisdom is an experience of nothing or blank or inactivity. Pure heaven when ‘normality’ is run by a busy mind that won’t stop chuntering on at you. And, as a wise trainer once told me, ‘Blank is pretty high space. People meditate their arses off to get there!’

I’m feeling irritable. Like, I want to tell you exactly how your inner wisdom operates and reveals your truth to you. And I can’t. You have to experience it to know it. Once you do, you’ll connect with a source of wisdom within that helps you create a rich and fulfilling life… even when it’s crap!

For neither I nor any other therapist is the expert on you. You are your own expert even if you don’t know it. And part of my job is to help you connect with your divine, innate and oh so wise expertise.

For example, take any issue on your mind right now. Write down what your logical mind has to say about it. Now, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and focus way down into your belly. Then ask your divine inner wisdom what it needs you to know about that issue.

Take the first thing you get however bizarre it might seem. You might get words or a picture or a symbol or a song title or poem or a sensation in your body… or anything in this universe or beyond. Trust the process and just accept whatever you’re given.

If you get a blank just relax into it and notice what happens. If you get nothing, trust the process. Something will pop into your mind sooner or later. If your logical mind doesn’t understand any message you receive, just sit with it. Over the following hours or days you’ll realise what it means for you.

For example, this autumn I was in turmoil… yet again. Although I embraced what was, it went on and on and on and on. Waking up in the early hours one morning, resolve flooded me. I marched downstairs, opened my journal and addressed a question to my divine inner wisdom.

‘What the f— is going on?’

In answer, the word ‘endings’ shot into my head. And then I couldn’t write as fast as the realisations poured in. Eventually, I journaled at least nine different endings and things to mourn in my recent past.

My Mum’s passing which is full of serial endings. Painful stuff in close relationships which led to changed perceptions of myself and others. Better discernment about with whom to share or not share my preciousness. Coming to terms with physical aging which is a whole other ball game just by itself!

Once I got clear the turmoil and its symptoms evaporated. Thank you divine inner wisdom… And why didn’t I think of asking you sooner? Derrr!

What makes my #7Step Dare to be You programme stand out from the crowd is it’s the only one that shows you how to contact your amazing and divine inner wisdom. Not only helps you contact it but helps you absorb the meaning of its messages and harness the power of your Loving Will to create meaningful change.

Not any old change, mind. Only those finely calibrated in line with your health and growth. For your divine inner wisdom’s purpose is to guide you in being more of who you really are. To shine as only you can shine.

As a member of our Dare to be You community, you’ll receive priority news of the #7step launch scheduled for late January. In the meantime, please forward this to one or two women who should be receiving my posts directly and encourage them to join us here.

Finally, woman, my heart’s full with what your divine inner wisdom wants to give you… Your beautiful, bodacious and impressive self…

Shine woman shine!

Love to you…

Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash


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