Congratulations! The jingle bells deed has been done for another year and shortly your mind will turn to 2018. Now, I’m no lover of New Year’s Eve. I discovered early on that the high hopes and expectations of it being a magical night which would turn your life round by morning was a load of baloney.

As were the fixed expressions of delight, wooop-wooops, hugs and kisses fuelled by alcohol as the clock struck twelve. Whereupon my carriage turned into a pumpkin.

Woman, the only one who can turn your life around is you!

Do you listen? No!

All over the world there will be millions of women putting their hope and trust into making a #newyearresolution for 2018 which will solve all their woes. If I lose weight I’ll be more attractive, get a great job and live happily ever after. Nope. It just means, hopefully, you’ll lose some weight. The other stuff you’ll have to work on.

Research suggests that, as early as late January/early February, anywhere between 50-80% of people will slip off their New Year’s resolution. Unrealistic expectations, setting too big a goal, allowing obstacles to trip you up and/or setting a resolution you think will be ‘good’ for you rather than one that lights your fire… These and other factors contribute to making New Year resolutions suck.

Here’s some tips to minimise their ‘suckiness’…

Stick to one resolution rather than many.

Set realistic, specific goals like losing 2kg in 4 weeks.

Have an ‘accountability buddy’ to help keep you on track.

Plan ahead for any hiccups or obstacles.

OK… Now I’m bored!

These are all lack-lustre repetitive ‘doing’ tips you’ve probably heard a hundred times before. I certainly have. No wonder so many women give up on their New Year resolution. It bores them to death!

Plus, such tips miss the critical essence of how to create new behaviour habits… More of that later.

You can, of course, prove me wrong and be one of the small minority for whom their resolution enables success. However, if you’re among the majority for whom this doesn’t happen, help is at hand.

The crucial secret to changing your habitual behaviour to what you desire instead is to create a new neural pathway, i.e., a new behaviour habit. This happens in your brain through focusing on new thought patterns which create the new behaviour habit. Several senses are also involved but talking of ‘new thought patterns’ simplifies the process.

For example, when you raise your arm, a sequence of cells, electrical impulses and chemical messengers fire off in your brain specific to raising your arm. This is the ‘neural pathway’ involved in your ‘raising arm’ habit.

The thing is, even if you just think of raising your arm, the same neural pathway fires off. Clever stuff, eh?

The good news is my #7Step Dare to be You Home Study Programme™ is designed to help you do exactly that. For you to create new behaviour habits through creating new neural pathways associated with what you desire for 2018 rather than what you no longer want in your life.
The whole approach co-operates with how you’re wired up which will wonderfully underpin your success. The programme is truly great stuff. No bullshit, I promise you!

So, if you fall off your resolution, as most of us do, the safety net of my #7Step programme will catch you. Even more, it will caringly guide you through seven powerful yet very doable workbooks to move from what you longer want in life to what you desire instead.

If you know one or two women who should receive this post, please forward it to them. I’d also appreciate you encouraging them to sign up for our complementary #daretobeyou goodies. With the #7Step programme launching late January, that will put them well ahead of the curve.

Lastly, please remember… Even if your New Year resolution sucks, you absolutely CAN have what you desire for 2018!

Love to you…

Photo by Nicholas Tissot on Unsplash


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