Darn it! There’s a whole world out there begging for some compassion, reciprocity and the fire of right action. And what’s the best we can do?

Trump or Clinton? Corbyn or May? Chemical weapons, cluster bombs and worse. Egos fighting egos on individual, national and international levels. And the misappropriation of religion as an excuse for barbarity. Is this the Apocalypse or what? Perhaps not.

The divine feminine represented by the goddess Kali is both a creator and destroyer; clearing away the old order to create space for the new order to emerge. Just as you have to die to some of the old in you to enable the birth of your ‘new,’ your potential waiting in the wings. Like a snake shedding its skin to become a bigger and more magnificent YOU.

Just as in the outside world right now, that period of your life might well feel wobbly and chaotic, overwhelming and illogical, stressful and depressing. You might find you lose confidence and, at times, think you’re going bonkers. You are not!

You’re experiencing what I call ‘divine discontent’ which is a phase of personal and spiritual growth I’ve navigated many times. Going underground and through this amazing rite of passage enables you to emerge into daylight rebirthed and renewed.

If you want a fearless warrior to guide you on this journey, get in touch. I know the terrain; its pitfalls and safe waters to cross as well as its sure footing. I can guide you safely through the darkness and help you reap its gifts of growth. That’s likely to include your mission; what you’re meant to be doing and where you’re meant to be going here on earth.

Just in case you think you can ignore what’s happening inside, you can give it a good go. The divine discontent might subside for a while but, as sure as eggs are eggs, it’s going to return… Again and again if need be. And when it does, it will be stronger and more disruptive every time. Kali and your evolutionary journey is not to be denied!