I so don’t want to write this from a fear of being exposed. This is how many women feel when you come into therapy, join a group or do a course. Your tender heart and my tender heart have not always been treated kindly. I honour and respect that in you… and me.

Meaning and Purpose

Through the passing of my lovely Mum in 2015, I realised I was called to go beyond my work of helping people recover from depression. Through the aftermath of grief and turmoil, I was being called to work with women like you to find your meaning and purpose. To know where you’re going and what you’re meant to be doing with courage, focus, direction and clear decision making. A heart-centred woman’s way with soul.

It seems like my whole life has been a preparation for this sacred work.


An under-achieving bright girl, grammar school dropout, single parent by 18, once married, two superb children (and now grandchildren), a mature returnee to education including a masters degree at 51, trained in psychotherapy, coaching and training, divorced, sometimes attacked for her alternative views and having worked with thousands of women over 30 years.

My hand

I’m a woman who has known bullying, abuse and being undermined as many of you have. I’m a woman who has worked therapeutically on her own insecurities, fears and growth so as to arrive right here right now, able to be with you and offer this work. Not perfect, no angel and no enlightened being, I promise you. Just a woman who is holding out her hand should you wish to take it.


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