It might surprise some of you that I am not preparing a ‘script’ for ‘My Psychotherapy Secrets and other Wonderful Things’ evening. Once upon a time I would have it all down, word by word, letter by letter; precisely what I would say.

I learned it as if I was going on stage until I was word perfect. Of course that was all about fear and getting it ‘right.’ Until, one day, I realised that I was missing out on the moment; my spontaneity, what was going on with me AND the women listening to me.

So I went ‘naked.’ No script and no power points. Just me, them and a skeleton of what I could talk about on topic. And guess what happened?

A magical co-creation between myself and the audience is what happened. If I paid attention to my experience in the moment, I also paid attention to theirs. Intuitively, my speaking got shaped by the needs of my audience. And guess what happened then?

They were highly attentive and engaged with me. Shining faces beaming out at me like the beacons of light you truly are. Drawing on my expertise, knowledge and wisdom, I danced with the women in the audience, with you, for my highest good, your highest good and the world’s highest good.

It was and is truly heavenly…

My speaking is soul work from mine to yours, from yours to mine. Whatever the skeleton I prepare, my speaking takes on a life of its own which serves us all.

So, if you haven’t signed up for my evening because you thought it was same-old-same-old, you’re mistaken. I can tell you I’ll speak about how I came to be a psychotherapist and my psychotherapy secrets. But what exactly comes out of my mouth will be a mystery only revealed on the night… to me as well as you!

When’s the last time you listened so well to yourself and others that your conversation became co-created magic? That’s where the real juice lies.

If you’d like to co-create with me, there’s still a few tickets here. Who knows what magic we’ll rustle up between us…

And when it’s done, it’s done!

Love to you…

PS. Sixteen women are already attending but if you know one or two women who should be at my event, please forward this to them. And encourage them to book their place with my thanks. Just a few days to go…

Photo by Mark Kamalov on Unsplash