Last night I watched the film ‘Suffragettes.’ I was appalled by the violence against the women. I was appalled by the injustice and the sacrifices they were forced to make to stay true to their cause. Sometimes I had to change TV channel and turn back when I could because I couldn’t cope with their pain, my pain.

I wrote about ‘Misogyny and Star Jumps’ in November. So I know the same misogyny that faced the suffragettes is alive and kicking today. You only have to hear the news for more examples of it.

And still there are women who conform to male/the system’s/the family’s/their culture’s expectations of them and deny themselves. To do anything else frightens the shit out of them.

Just as it frightened the shit out of the suffragettes.

Thank the divine, in this country, no woman who exerts her desire for some kind of personal freedom will be beaten up by the police and locked up and abused by the regime, physically, mentally, and psychologically. That doesn’t mean to say some women in the UK won’t experience the equivalent… and more… from other authority figures.

The fight most definitely isn’t over.

Even if it’s the fight within between what you desire and what you’ve been ‘told’ is your lot. The fight within between who you really are and who you were trained to be.

To be both your own freedom fighter and persecuting jailor can be agony. Believe me, the pain of emerging from your chrysalis is nowhere near the pain of feeling powerless and hopeless in your conditioned shackles.

Am I being dramatic? Am I over-egging the pudding? What the hell if I am! When you scratch beneath your polite exterior, when you delve deeper than your everyday experience, you know exactly what I mean.

UNLESS, of course, you’ve already grabbed your feminine power and done something about what you no longer want in your life. Then your internal environment begins to change. And, once you’ve put in place one courageous action, it gets easier and easier to put in place others.

You’re always shit scared when stretching outside your comfort zone. What I’ve learned is that actually doing it, becoming more of who you really are, is nowhere as scary as thinking about it or beginning it.

For who you really are is always aligned with what you don’t want in life and what you desire instead!

The beauty and strength of the suffragettes was women supporting women. Through all the shunning, losing children, family and jobs in some cases, incarceration, forced feeding, brutalisation, ensuing illnesses and even death, it was women loving and holding other women… and to their truth. Even amongst the women who escaped these horrors.

Reality is you won’t have to go anywhere or have to do anything like the suffragettes. Yes, you might be scared of changing something in your life you don’t want because it’s familiar. You know it. What you desire is a delicious unknown and, even though you desire it, your reptilian brain signals danger, danger, danger.

This is the most primitive part of your brain that dates back to standing upright and, perhaps, before. It was vital to your survival. Marauding tribes, dangerous animals, too steep to navigate heights, etc., etc.

It’s a throwback and totally not equipped to realistically assess the unknown. For the reptilian brain, it’s all danger even if another part of you knows your evolution is a good thing; you becoming more of who you really are.

If you choose to begin the #7Step programme, you’re not alone. I’ve got your back. And I’ve trod the path you’re beginning to tread many times.

And, as more women like you begin working for what they desire, the larger our community of #7Step #daretobeyou women becomes. And the more wisdom you can draw on in our private and closed Facebook forum.

The launch is coming real soon… And you will get first dibs!

If you know one or two women who should be receiving my posts, please forward this to them with my thanks. Also encourage them to join our #daretobeyou women’s community right here.

When I think what the suffragettes suffered to give me the right to vote, I cry. The film’s fresh and evocative in my imagination. Talking about the suffragettes and then seeing and feeling the reality of their lives are two very different things. And I feel humble.

All I’m being asked by the divine to do is become more of the magnificent and powerful woman I really am. And, like you, that makes me feel shit scared at times.

But if the suffragettes could do what they did, woman, then you and I too can do what we’re called to do!

Love to you…

Photo by The Guardian Online.


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