You might have read this on my FB profile but you’ll see it’s that important it takes being read twice!

Over 20 years ago, the warmth and light of the sun felt like poison to me… I couldn’t bear them. Curtains closed, I plotted how to kill myself. A hand full of pills raised to my mouth, water to flush them down ready, I got an internal big yell of NOOOOOO! Then a quick visual flash of the Communards singing ‘Don’t Leave me this Way.’

That was the moment I put down the pills and water and chose to live!

Where did the yell and that amazingly appropriate song come from?

It came from my essential truth; the divine spark within me that knows what I’m here for, guides me in manifesting it and creating a joyful life for myself most of the time.

My essential truth, my expertise and wisdom are what make me at 70 the Wild Elder.

And, as Wild Elder, I can’t show you how to make a million dollars or create fame and fortune. I can’t show you how to build a Fortune 100 company or to rise to the top in 5 easy lessons.


What I can show you is how to find what gives you THE JUICE TO LIVE A JOYFUL LIFE.

What I can show you is how to feel AMAZING FULFILLMENT AND ACHIEVEMENT by bringing YOUR TRUTH into the world. So building YOUR LEGACY now and for future generations.

If my Truth could save my life just imagine what yours could do for you.

I won’t give you a formula or step by step guide to success. Instead, I will show you HOW TO ACCESS AND BE GUIDED BY YOUR OWN TRUTH’S UNIQUE FORMULA FOR YOUR SUCCESS.


I know this body of work is called THE TRUTH SEEKERS PROGRAMME…

I’m being SHOUTY with capitals because I am so PASSIONATE about bringing this to women’s lives so not one of you dies like my Mum did saying, ‘What a wasted life!.

My mouth’s dry and my heart’s pumping faster… This is so precious for me.

I don’t yet have all of the programme’s nuances although I have an outline. It’s all on its way.

What I’ve downloaded so far is heavy duty shit which thrills and excites me. As I hope it will thrill and excite you <3

Love to you…

PS If you haven’t made your way to our Truth Seekers closed FB group, you’re doing yourself a disservice. If it feels right for you, I’d love you to apply to join.

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash