When I unlocked my front door at 6.15 am Sunday morning, a speeding car whizzed past. At 6.15 am on a Sunday morning! Twenty-three years ago when I moved here the only thing you’d hear at that time on a Sunday morning was bird song followed later by church bells. But it ain’t twenty-three years ago no more and those church bells have been well and truly quietened.

You can work, shop, eat out and go to the cinema, gym or other entertainments every single day of the week. And, as our lives become more and more frenetic and filled with doing doing doing… My guess is you’re feeling stress in your body just from reading those words.

I can’t be totally on the go for seven days on a trot. Correction… I can be on the go for seven days or more on the trot until collapsio claims me and I have to take a few days out. Not a sensible way to live or treat your body if you want to stay healthy, wealthy and wise.

So, I’ve learned to take a day out each week just for rest, reflection and chilling. Sometimes that’s at home, feet up reading or listening to music. Sometimes that’s in my bolt-hole beside the sea. Whatever, it’s a day when my normal work-eat-sleep routine goes out the window.

What heaven it is to wake early for breakfast which I eat in the kitchen looking out into the garden. I can hear birds chirping as I type. Then I might snuggle back down in bed for an hour or two. Whatever I choose, the day is mine away from my every day pressures and activities. By its end I feel rested and nourished.

What did the man call it? Taking the Sabbath?

Those of you living with family might think, ‘It’s alright for her.’ I’d like you to know I earned my dues, thank you. AND, why not make one non-working day a ‘family’ day not to go shopping or rush-out-activities. A day when you can chill, take it easy together and relate without technology interfering with such precious time. Is that too big an ask when the outcome is de-stressing and love-making?

As I said, what did the man call it?