Where I Train

Many moons ago, I taught Psychosynthesis at The City Lit and Birkbeck, University of London, and ran my own training days for Women of Courage and on Depression. Latterly, I’ve been the Psychosynthesis trainer for students attending The School for Wizards. Yes, you did read that right!

Online classes and courses are in the pipeline. Their focus for you is about a womanly way of doing things; having more focus, direction, courage and easier decision making. And, of course, knowing and living your meaning and purpose in a heart-centred way. Sign up for your Morning Inspiration  to get priority news about all of these trainings.

Your wisdom is extraordinary as are your professional skills in creating a safe space allowing deep, highly effective and explorative work to unfold. You have an enormous heart that reaches to the deepest parts and quickly allows women to awaken. You are a rare divine woman with humour, sensitivity and knowledge which helps to set women free to enjoy their lives their way. Andrea Maria Lucas

Advanced Clinical ‘Body’ Therapist, Harrow-on-the-Hill, www.andreamarialucas.co.uk

Psychosynthesis – Psychology with Soul

Of the many topics I’ve taught, this is one of my favourites and the bedrock of my work. Psychosynthesis is a psychology which works with your body, feelings, mind and your oomph whatever you believe your oomph to be. It’s a ‘whole person’ liberating approach which gives you a map with which to navigate your life now and to create your future.

Your potential for growth

Its founder, Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974), was interested in your potential for growth and broke away from working with Freud and his approach. He famously said at the time something like… I don’t just want people to be able to access the basement of their house. I want them to be able to access all the floors and stand on the roof to look at the stars.

The world needs what we women can give

Psychosynthesis is a brilliant medium through which you can grow and so better deliver your gifts. My plan is for you to have easy access to Psychosynthesis and all it offers, as central to your meaning and purpose, through online classes and courses, all in a very ‘woman’s way.’

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