Welcome to 2017… My back went into a massive spasm last Thursday, the worst I’ve had for a decade or more. It comes to something when you have to put your underpants on using one of those litter grabbers they use in parks. Or find your PJs are more comfortable than anything else for day wear.

Now, I’m not going to get woo-woo about this. I know my back going isn’t some mystic portent of what 2017 holds for me. The damage was triggered the day after Boxing Day when I slid down my big flight of stairs. I lost my footing near the top and glided down gracefully though bumpily on my back. Note to self: Hold onto the bannister at all times in future.

And life’s like that. Out of the blue you lose your footing and slide into mayhem of some kind. With Trump and Brexit on the horizon and health and social care cuts, who knows what mayhem you and I might slide into this year? Keep your eyes out for the bannister, superb women.

If I sound like the Grinch, forgive me. What I know from a divine feminine perspective is that uncertainty, challenge and change can be our gurus. However horrible/anxious/fearful you might feel about them, they are there for our learning. The trick is to choose to embrace whatever happens.

In fact, anything which triggers your discomfort or anyone who pushes your buttons is there for your learning and growth. So grab’em and say YES to the adventure of self-actualisation with all its ups and downs. That’s how you and I can best travel 2017, by saying YES to all of it.

And be realistic. Expect miracles!

Love to you…