It was only through talking with my September start soul client that I realised how very much my work AND I have expanded over the last four months. You know me… no bullshit.

If I’m asking women on my Truth Seekers Programme to commit 1,000% you’ve got to know I’ve been doing the same. Reality is when it comes to my Truth and my own personal, spiritual and professional evolution I’ve been committing myself 1,000% forever!

Yet, this recent time has been different. I’ve been nurturing abilities and skills for which there’s no name. Oh yeah… you could call them foresight, intuition, psychic, other worldly, ya-di-ya-di-ya! You could call them ‘energetic alchemy.’

AND some of that is ‘manifestation.’ I’ve always talked about my work successfully unfolding organically. Like I didn’t have to work it all out and it just evolved like magic.

Except of course, it wasn’t the sleight of hand magic we all know and love. I certainly played a part in its unfolding by being passionate about the work; studying, learning, developing my knowledge, expertise and wisdom. I also had a general idea of where I was going.

Turns out a general idea, rather than a detailed plan as we’ve all been taught, is THE PERFECT FOUNDATION from which to MANIFEST your exciting and joyful desires. Who knew?

Other awesome ‘happenings’ have occurred in my life through holding a general idea.

When I turned 60 my washing machine went kaput. Finances were excruciatingly tight plus I have a fitted kitchen and appliances cost way more for the privilege. Did I wail and beat my chest? NO…

I didn’t relish going to the local launderette but, hey, that was a solution. And I could hand wash ‘smalls’ as needed. No big deal. I also held the intention a washing machine would be on its way shortly when I could get some cash together.

The day after my washing machine went to that big appliance heaven in the sky, I received a letter from a pension fund I’d paid into when I was 17/18. Being 60, it informed me that my annual pension was to be £5 a year. Well yipppeee-dooodle!

However, I could choose to take a lump sum instead which was £346 in total. Much the preferred option given, at £5 a year, it would unrealistically take me another 69 years to hit the jackpot!

By the way, guess how much my fully fitted washing machine cost at the time (big smile on face). No way does saying the whole thing was a ‘co-incidence’ cut it with me. If there’s a creative design with everything in nature why wouldn’t there be a creative design when it comes to me? Or you for that matter?

Aaaaaaaahhh! I just love this stuff.

On 29 August I advertised the space for ONE WOMAN for my September Truth Seekers Programme on my Facebook profile. The very next day that glorious woman showed up. How delicious is that?

Oh… I forgot to tell you that I held the intention that my September Soul Client would contact me before the end of August. And, of course, she did. Howzat?

Truth Seekers Programme is exactly what she’d been looking for. It could also be what you’re looking for. For details, go to my Facebook Profile and check out my post dated 29th August.

I’m now opening a space for JUST ONE WOMAN to work with me starting October on my INNOVATIVE LIFE ENHANCING PROGRAMME. I’ll say no more…

BUT if you desire to find your Truth, create your life aligned with it and to learn all the juicy things I can teach you… You know what to do!

Love to you…

PS. This was originally posted on Facebook last Friday. If you’d like to keep up with me and what I’m doing, just ‘friend request’ me at

Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash.