Whenever he was stuck, Hemingway would tell himself to write one true sentence. Then another and another. No showing off, no big deal. Just a string of words that he knew to be true for him. And just last week I was talking with my friend Sharon, both of us in parallel process. Both of us pissed off with and not wanting to be part of unconscious conversation shite.


Right now, my sensitivity is such that I can pick up unconscious and covert bullshit or manipulation or undermining or corrupt or bullying or emotional blackmail or meaningless conversation at 100 paces.


Sharon suggested the problem is we are ‘blunt truth tellers.’ Loved the rhythm of the title and hope, oh how I hope, that I can live up to it. But then, some people don’t want their truth. They want to carry on doing what they’ve always done unconsciously; repeating old behaviours unquestioningly whether or not they’re harmful to themselves and/or others. Or do they? Is it just that they’ve not yet found they have choice?


I want to scream and shout WAKE UP! We are all responsible for the state of the world through our unconsciousness. The energy of every conversation we have and everything we do is added to the quality of the collective conversation humanity has with itself.


It’s time for the Divine Feminine who demands of us with love and fire that we stand for her principles as truth tellers. It’s not easy but, hey, when has consciousness ever been easy? Start by finding the very truth of your being, your mission on earth… and the rest can come.