When I wrote this blog post title, part of me wanted to disappear into a hole. ‘Don’t be a show-off… You’re too big for your boots… Who do you think you are any way?’ She stings with the pain of being put down and humiliated.

I tell her she is a beautiful and talented girl… and they lied! Just as they lied to you.

So here’s some of what’s special about me…

Under-achieving bright girl, grammar school dropout, single parent at 18, superb children and grandchildren, a mature returnee to education, divorcee, navigator of depression and suicidal episodes and sometimes attacked for ‘alternative’ views… What else?

And professionally?

  • Six years training to qualify as a psychotherapist in my thirties.
  • Qualified coach and trainer, also trained in, among other things, Systemic and Gestalt psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming plus both Western and Eastern philosophies.
  • Trainer/lecturer at, among other places, The City Lit and Birkbeck College, London University, plus private women’s and depression workshops.
  • Awarded MA in counselling and psychotherapy when fifty-one.
  • Run practice with integrity, own supervisor and with continued professional development as a Registered MBACP (Accred)
  • All of which eminently qualifies me to create The Dare to be You 7 Step Home Study Programme™ I wrote about in my last blog post.

Bloody Nora! Who would have guessed the off-the-rails-at-fifteen-teenager would end up where I am now. And that I would be able to toot my horn deliciously.

Oh-oh! This is when many women undermine themselves. ‘I don’t know how I did it?’ ‘It was a fluke.’ ‘They’ll find out I’m really a fraud.’ ‘I can’t let them see who I really am.’

‘They’ lied to you and you learned to feel and regard yourself as so much less than you were… and are. So now you lie to yourself and deny the beautiful and talented woman you really are. From fear of getting shot down, low self-esteem and even shame.

How the hell do you think you’ve got to where you are, where-ever that is, if you were so useless or such a fraud? The next time you get one of those crap undermining thoughts, state aloud, giving it welly, ‘THEY LIED’… Notice how you feel then.

Successfully swing this painful waste of the woman you really are right around. Do you desire to feel as if you’re in your real skin, confident and self-assured instead? If so, that’s one of the issues with which my #7Step home study programme is exactly designed to help. No BS.

Previously only available to my psychotherapy clients, the #7Step techniques and processes are hot shit. They’ve been successfully tested and honed over more than thirty years with women just like you. And designed in an affordable pay-as-you learn-and-grow format.

And you know why they’re also hot shit? Because I’m hot shit and unwilling to accept anything but the best with which I can serve you. I’m passionate about you, woman. I’ve been there and am passionate about helping you build your life with who you really are rather than who you were trained to be.

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Even if you don’t believe it (remember, they lied!), you are most definitely and absolutely a hot shit special woman too!

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Photo by Ignacio Campo on Unsplash