ENOUGH… I’m done with living in a masculine world!

Adversarial and transactional relationships? No thanks. Ego driven goal setting and an over-reliance on logical thinking? No thanks. Trump and the rise of the ‘Right’ across Europe? Absolutely no thanks.

More correctly, I’d say I’m done with living in a distorted masculine world. Philosophically, ‘masculine’ energy has just represented being proactive out in the world ‘doing.’ And ‘feminine’ energy has just represented receptivity and more inner abilities such as empathy as in ‘being.’

An equal mixture of both creates balance. For example, lack of ‘doing’ energy could result in a couch potato. Lack of ‘being’ energy could result in a bully. Say no more!

But here’s the thing… All things ‘feminine’ have been generally decried down the ages. Women regarded as lesser and, at the same time, our potent abilities so feared by men they rape us and burn us at the stake one way or another.

Wooohoo… Now I’m cooking!

This definitely doesn’t take me back to burning bras or using the same distorted masculine energy as a weapon against men. Nor as a weapon against women who embody or collude with distorted masculine themselves.

For a woman in her power, both her wild-wild beingness and proactive doingness, creates her own way and lives according to her own integrity and values.

A woman who seeks her own truth and lives by it is formidable.

OK Sharon… So what does that look like in the real world?

When you come across the distorted masculine, you neither submit to it nor try to fight back with similarly distorted energy.

For example, in a meeting where the chair was clearly refusing to hear women and generally undermining them, some of the women stayed shtum while others remonstrated angrily with him to no avail.

Over several meetings, I stood in my power and neutralised him. No, I didn’t castrate him although the negative feminine in me would have loved to!

My voice was slow, deep and firm, repeating paraphrased statements that opposed comments he made about me. Like telling me to be quiet as I’d made enough comments. I responded by repeating ‘WOMEN do not talk too much.’ By the third time he gave up and I made the point I had intended…. in more ways than one.

I’ve taught maybe thousands of women this technique. It works in your family life as well as the world outside. And it’s one of the ways to gradually retrain distorted masculine men and women by showing them a more effective way to be.

The Dalai Lama once said, ‘The world will be saved by the western woman.’ I’m not so sure only western ones. AND it’s a call to action for all we women to evolve and re-balance our crazy world with our knowledge, wisdom and power.

For when you are in your power, woman, you fear nothing and no-one. Not that you’d have to be a warrior like me. Seeking your own truth and living by it would model for others another and more powerful way in which to create themselves and their lives. Let alone create a joyful life for yourself.

Look up a woman politician, now passed, called Mo Mowlam. She used both her masculine and feminine power and skills to negotiate the first peace treaty in Northern Ireland. A massive and magnificent achievement.

No posturing or huffing and ego puffing of our current politicians. She just got on with it, standing true to her integrity and values. Just like you can!

Can you tell I’m passionate about this? Can you tell I don’t want one more woman to die feeling she’s had a wasted life?

If you know you’re your own Truth Seeker but don’t know how to get there, email or call me. If you desire to stand in your power and be more of who you really are, for goodness’s sake… literally… email or call me on 020 8597 9200. I’ll get back to you soonest.


Please don’t waste a single second more of your very precious life. Just call me…

Love to you…

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Photo by Noah Naf on Unsplash