Following ‘What’s the big deal about being Wild?’, I’m done with being ‘polite.’ At the same time I feel like an explosion being stifled by ‘what will other people think of me?’ Because I want to write about releasing old friends, releasing old comfort zone activities and being in less than you’re worth environments.


When you take yourself to your cutting edge and dive right in, there’s no going back. You have to grab your divine feminine cajones, just as I’m grabbing mine, and create your reality for who you are and not for whom you’ve been.

A case in point. A cousin told me she was lunching with people she found boring. Why do it then? Because she’s known them a very long time and ‘you don’t drop old friends.’

Who said? What dictat says you should spend one second of your precious life with people who don’t bring you joy?

Now I’m experiencing my wild, those people, activities and environments that don’t resonate with my vibe leap out like ghouls in horror movies. I’m seeing them and feeling them in stark relief.

For me it’s people, activities and environments that either show no progression or aren’t big enough containers to hold my soul’s expression.

ENOUGH… I don’t want old stale crumbs. I want a whole frickin’ freshly baked loaf!

How can I grow and how can you grow if we’re surrounded by people, activities and environments who/which are not themselves evolving or meet our worth? That’s assuming you want to grow; to access, express and experience life as more of your magnificent, wild and awesome Self.

Anyhow, I’m releasing old friends who say/believe the same-old-same-old things without question with behaviour to match. Or are all ‘love and light’(get real!) or are ‘it’s all about me.’ New friends are emerging who share my excitement about evolving and soul expression and are down to earth courageous.

I’m also releasing activities which use my energy, knowledge and wisdom with no return like a low vibe networking group I recently left. And some low vibe Facebook groups I’ve left. What’s already emerged is a high value high vibe networking group with up-for-it and bright women to which I now belong… Yum!

And I only want to be in environments that are big enough containers for my magnificent, wild and awesome Self. Indeed, my new networking group’s like having afternoon tea in the Corinthia’s Crystal Moon Lounge instead of the transport cafe down the road.

Nothing wrong with a transport cafe… And which level of gorgeousness would you prefer? Which environment would mirror your deep and beautiful value?

You might be thinking, ‘Well, it’s alright for her!’ or ‘Look at her!’ You’re damn well right! It’s deliciously alright for me and do look at me. I’m modelling what YOUR magnificent being could be and do… unless, of course, you’re already there.

Are you a gutsy, courageous woman who’s committed to your own personal and non-physical evolution? Do you seek your own truth so as not to live a wasted life? Then this and more is there for you. Call me…

Tears prick my eyes… gratitude for the freedom and expansiveness. No more shit. No more constriction. No more mask or pretence.

Just ask, ‘Does this bring me joy?’

Love to you…

PS. You’re one of the first to hear I’m creating a special Truth Seekers FB closed group for the wild in you! More soon. If, in the meantime, you know one or two women who should be receiving my posts, please forward this to them and encourage them to sign up with my thanks.

Photo by Robb Leahy on Unsplash