You know how it is when you say or do something you believe is expected or you believe will be acceptable… by some-one else’s standards. At one level you feel ‘phew’ or ‘good job woman!’ At another level, you feel ‘yuch’ because you’ve not been true to you and your values. And, at the same time, you believe, if you said what was real for you, you’d get shot down, thrown out of the brownies and rejected for not being ‘acceptable.’


Well, in some cases, maybe. But, before you muzzle yourself, please check out if you really want to belong to people or a community who would do that to you for speaking your truth.


This is not about a ‘do no harm’ policy. There are times to speak what’s in your mind and times not to if you are socially sensitive.


Rather, this is about staying true to your integrity, your values and your soul. The world needs women right now who can learn to stand in their own ground and speak from those precious places within. In our own circles of influence, bit by bit, we can change the world, you and I.


Note to self: Time for public speaking course!