Last week I wrote about ‘the ultimate Mastermind group’ which, in my opinion, offered low value for a very high fee. Blow me if I didn’t receive three telephone calls this past week asking me if I was going to join. Overload or what?

I responded to the upbeat ‘yay-you’ voiced young person with a definite NO. And please remove me from your database which spammed me. Phew!

Far more pleasurable is that I’ve received feedback from some of you and other women of the ‘good for you’ variety. Glad I’m not the only one who sees the King has no clothes.

Of those, a minority had an edge of agree-but-how-about-you-being-transparent-about-your-programme-then kind of way. I get that. And when a few voice an issue there’s usually a lot more thinking it.

So here goes…

Recently, I wrote about your divine inner wisdom. Even if you don’t know it, you have a source of inner wisdom allied to your inner organic push for health and wholeness.

If you cut yourself your body automatically jumps into healing mode, blood clotting to form a scab. There are, of course, conditions which defy that rule. Nevertheless, generally, there’s an organic bio-physical push toward healing.

The same is true for your psychological and spiritual wellbeing. Plus, you’re always being offered clues where to focus for your healing and evolution as a human being.

For example, if you experience being bullied your emotional reactions can lead you to a ‘bullied’ part of your personality which you can nurture and heal. The likely outcome is, if you consciously take care of that part, you’ll be able to deal with any attempted bullying in the future.

In summary…

You have a divine inner wisdom which is your steadfast rock and trustworthy guide. You have an organic push for health and wholeness. Your amazing system is always offering you clues as to where to focus for your mending.

You also have more intelligences than just the logical intelligence we all know and love!

Neuro-science shows you have both heart and gut intelligence. Nothing new there! The ancients have told us that and how to work with them across the eons.

The same applies to the comparatively recent emotional intelligence findings. Oh really? Some of us in the healing fields had a wry smile on our faces when that ‘stop press’ news came out.

In fact, you have shedloads of intelligences way beyond logical. Sensory, kinaesthetic, spiritual, imaginative and intuitive are just a few. As logical mind has been king for so long, it might resist ‘non logical’ information at first. However, when logical mind assimilates and integrates that juicy stuff, it becomes far more elegant and able.

In summary…

When you add information from your non-logical intelligences, you increase your ability for mending what you can mend and learning how to manage the rest. In other words you rev up your thinking engine with super fuel!

So what’s all that got to do with the #7Step programme?

When clients want to change something in themselves or their lives, they often say, ‘But I don’t know how!’ They laugh when I reply, ‘Well, it’s a good job I do!’

For I’ve been blessed to learn how to work therapeutically with all the realities of you I’ve talked about in this post. And more… But that would end a tome and I like to keep things simple.

In fact, everything in #7Step is simple yet highly effective because it co-operates with how you’re wired up. Plus, working through the programme gives you therapeutic/coaching insights and techniques you can use for life.

What you no longer want in your life is a massive clue as to where to begin your mending journey. Deciding what you desire instead is a massive move forward in your personal evolution. The rest of the programme shows you step by step how to achieve your desire and grow yourself along the way.

I put my hand up to giving each workbook a fun and upbeat title. For example, which of the following grabs your attention? Step 1… ‘Use Past Experience’ or ‘Extract Great Value from Where You’ve Been?’ At the same time, each workbook does what it says on the tin.

Thank you for encouraging women to join our Dare to be You Community. We’ve recently grown by 52 delicious women. If there’s one or two more women you know who should be receiving my posts, please forward this to them and encourage them to join us here.

Finally, you and your life are precious. Everything I say or do is about you becoming more of the magnificent and powerful woman you really are; reclaiming more of your preciousness and potential. And the bottom line?

That’s how the #7Step Programme really works!

Love to you…


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